Tuesday, October 5, 2010

B, Rachel, and Beckah Part 3

We had a lot of fun during this part of the session. 3 fluffy dresses, a gorgeous sunny day, and beautiful yellow flowers make for one awesome photo shoot! ENJOY

Monday, October 4, 2010

B, Rachel, and Beckah - PART 2

This is B and her mom Rachel. Saturday we spent several hours shooting a session with these two and Rachel's sister, Beckah. We had a blast and I shot a ton of great pictures! I will post part 3 of the session tomorrow!

My future daughter-in-law : )

These boots belonged to Rachel when she was B's age.


This is Beckah, Saturday I did a session with her, her sister, and her beautiful niece B which I will post next!


It's been forever since I posted! I'm going to start posting more so if we had a session and you would like it on the blog, just let me know!

First up, my cousin Logan! He and his mom, Erin made the trip to Hugo from Texas for a visit and we had time for a few pictures before dark!